One stop destination for all the students who wishes or desires the Products they cannot easily avail the benefits of, in their college life. It basically connects a student with a student. KiRaiPe.com is a money circle i.e. a student earns by providing their products online and can utilize the same amount by renting the product they are in need of! To solve this financial problem by upbringing the very unique idea of providing an extra source of income to the students of the college through KiRaiPe. KiRaiPe.com  is a one-stop destination which aims to provide the students with an extra source of income by renting their products online at www.KiRaiPe.com which they do not currently use, for example, a third-year Btech will provide his/her the second year and first-year books on rent and the students of the same college who are in need of it can rent from the website for which they pay minimal amount of rent. This amount received is given to the owners thus acting as the extra source of income. Besides the academic books, students can provide on rent novels, digicam, guitar, Casio, headphones, bicycles, jewellery, fashion stuff etc. and the students who do not want to buy can rent them. Thus, it serves dual purpose providing both the extra source of income for the students plus providing the products on rent, thus saving a lot of money of the students. This portal also helps in maintaining the trust, friendly and helpful environment in the college.




Team 3
College Reached 1
Student Reached 500+



Team 3
College Reached 3
Student Reached 2000+



Team 4
College Reached 11
Student Reached 4500+

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